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W S E S I   64th ANNUAL


February 14-16, 2025

Janesville, WI

Proposals are now closed for the 2025 Annual Conference! Presenters are invited to submit using the online form below, or by downloading the Word document with the adjacent button.


Please Note: Our primary audience will consist of full- and part-time fire and EMS instructors, training officers on career and/or volunteer fire departments and other responder agencies, and others with an interest in training activities in the emergency services. Presentations that focus on instructor development and skills are preferred over content intended for the responders themselves.


Please complete all *required fields. Submission does not guarantee selection, but will ensure proper consideration by the WSESI Training & Programs Committee. If you wish to present multiple topics, please complete a form for each topic. Samples of presentation content may be submitted as an email attachment to Samples of non-selected presentations will be deleted.


Successful submissions will be selected during May 2024, and finalized at the July WSESI Board of Directors meeting. The Board reserves the right to accept or reject any or all proposals.

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