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WSESI Committees

The WSESI relies on the talent and skills of its members to ensure the reach and success of its activities. The committees listed below will welcome YOUR participation to make the Society strong and vibrant!

Awards Committee – Chair: Red Van Ert

In addition to the Society’s Instructor of the Year Award, the committee will look for opportunities to recognize Individuals, Departments and Colleges whose work in the field of fire education are innovative, effective and exemplifies excellence in education.

Conference Site Committee – Chair: Red Van Ert

In addition to site selection, the committee will look to provide locations which provide a supportive learning environment and facilities to conduct effective seminars and training. This committee will also work closely with the Training and Programs Committee to secure the highest quality of resource educators to advance to skill and knowledge base of our members and attendees.

Constitution & By-Laws Committee – Chair: James Flanagan

The committee is charged with the duty to review and update and make current the governing documents of the Society and keep them relevant as to changes in fire service education may dictate.

Membership Committee – Chair: Ron Naab

This committee will serve as standard bearers in promoting the founding principles and goals of the Society. They will look to find opportunities to have our presence known throughout the Wisconsin Emergency Services community wherever and whenever possible. They will look to the general membership to contribute their presence at various state conferences and conventions, and regional training schools and seminars.

Nominating Committee – Chair: Tom Vandenack

The committee is responsible for providing a slate of candidates for election to the Board of Directors. In addition they will look to identify individuals who, knowledge and ambition would make them ideal candidates for committee assignments. The Society has been fortunate throughout our history to have leadership that has set a mark which is necessary to maintain.

Strategic Planning Committee – Chair: Jim Austad

The committee will monitor and promote the implementation of the Society’s current Strategic Plan, adopted in 2015 and outlining goals for areas of the Society’s mission and performance through 2018. Members will have the opportunity to revisit and revise the Plan’s goals and proposed action items as necessary.

Training & Programs Committee – Chair: David Yakowenko

As Instructors our foundation is to learning and the advance of our own education as well as that of those that enter the fire service. The Committee will search out educators, speakers and researchers of today’s modern fire service to afford our member and attendees to learn for the best and be inspired to constantly improve our craft. As the Society is in the process of building a resource library this committee will be looked to provide a review of articles submitted as to accuracy and applicability to the standards of fire service education which is the corner stone learning prior to their inclusion.

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