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A Message from the President
To our members, customers, colleagues and friends...

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In looking ahead, I'm thrilled for the bright future of the Wisconsin Society of Emergency Services Instructors (WSESI). As the new president, I'm committed to prioritizing "WSESI First" and establishing it as a household name in the fire service throughout Wisconsin. Our comprehensive strategic plan is in motion, providing a clear roadmap for success as we navigate the ever-changing landscape of the future. Like our organization, the plan is centered around our members, identifying critical benchmarks for our membership and organization to grow. We'll continue to offer additional opportunities for our members and organization to utilize our talented pool of instructors while also focusing on recruitment efforts.


My presidency will focus on three critical aspects: relationships, relevancy, and recruitment. We know it takes people to achieve great things, and building trust and respect amongst those individuals is essential. Over the next several years, we aim to strengthen our current partnerships while fostering new relationships with EMS to build WSESI further.


We understand that staying relevant is critical to success and are committed to adapting and evolving. Our recent actions at the WSESI Conference illustrate this: we incorporated new training components and instructor development to improve the efficiency and relevancy of our subject matter.


We have been talking about recruitment since I joined WSESI. Recruitment only works if it is a team effort. We all know someone who would benefit from WSESI membership. I am asking each member to find another person to join WSESI in 2024.  I challenge you to find an individual and to reach out to them that would make a great addition to our organization. Maybe it is someone who has talked about it but hasn't gone through it, or perhaps someone looking for an avenue to engage at a higher level.  We only get out what we put in, so I encourage each member to submit an article for our newsletter. Creative and pertinent industry content entices our membership. Your contributions matter, and we need your assistance.


Finally, I want to hear from you. I want to hear about areas we can improve, but I also want to hear about our victories and what we are doing right. The best is yet to come for the Wisconsin Society of Emergency Services Instructors. The time is now. Together, there is nothing we cannot achieve or do!


Your President,

David A. Yakowenko

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