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Online Payments for Membership (New or Renewal) Now Available

Use the submittal form below to submit new or renewal member information -- select PayPal Invoice as your payment option, then watch your E-mail for the PayPal invoice, which can be paid with either a PayPal account or a major credit card!

NOW AVAILABLE -- If you are renewing your current membership and have unchanged information on file with us, look for INSTANT RENEWAL on our Shop Now page!

Active -- $30.00 / year

Active members are instructors who are actively engaged full-time or part-time in the fire, EMS, or other emergency service training programs of any college, emergency medical service, fire department, industrial fire brigade, federal agency or any other public or private organization.

New members joining between April 1 and September 30 will be offered their first renewal at a mid-year discount rate of $15.00, assessed at the beginning of the annual membership renewal drive. 

Partner Agency -- $100.00 / year

Any member fire department (or other response or training agency) may send up to five of its roster members to a Society event at the member rate. It may also designate a subscription to The Dispatcher for any five of its roster members for the calendar year. Contact to submit subscription information.

Sustaining -- $100.00 / year

Sustaining members are people, firms or corporations interested in assisting the Society attain its goals and objectives. Benefits of Sustaining membership are same as a Partner Agency level.

Complete the online form below. Paper applications can be downloaded in MS Word or PDF, or requested by calling (920)235-5494 or email: .


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Renewing members -- Select your renewal gift:

Please indicate your preferences for participation in up to three committees (including current ones):

Thanks for submitting! If you requested a PayPal invoice, it will be emailed as soon as I'm back at my desk. When paid, watch your mail for your membership card and associated items. KG

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