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The Wisconsin Society of Fire Service Instructors (WSFSI) was formed in 1962 to serve the needs of fire instructors in our State. Newly renamed Wisconsin Society of Emergency Services Instructors (WSESI),
the Society assists local instructors through the exchange of ideas, dissemination of information, and the presentation of seminars and conferences. All of this is geared toward helping fire and emergency services instructors in their personal development and assisting them in bringing quality education and programs to their own agencies.

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W S E S I   NEWS BRIEFS – December 22, 2016

High Impact Instructors and Chameleon Traits

By Jim Flanagan

Wikipedia defines the Chameleon as a distinctive and highly specialized species. The species come in a range of colors and many species have the ability to change colors in response to their environment. Adaptability is one word to describe these traits.

When we think of the Fire Service we no longer think only of houses and buildings burning and the brave firefighters doing their best to protect and conserve life and property. The Fire Service has become the emergency service of choice for many of the perils our citizens face in the environment we now call our modern society. EMS, Extrication, Haz-Mat, Urban Search and Rescue, Water Rescue, are just some of the new and expanded duties fire departments are providing in response to their service area needs.

To assure each department is prepared to meet these service objectives requires training and continual practice, whether through simulated or live training evolutions. As with most fire training, the learned skills from one area is used to build upon when new services are being added. For the Department’s Training Officer the ability to assess the level of skills and knowledge within the department requires that he or she has the requisite knowledge and physical ability to perform and demonstrate the new skills.

The Department Training Officer/Instructor has to invest a great deal of time and effort in being prepared the deliver the needed training and impart the knowledge to the members in a manner that is reflective of the environment that they will operate under. This training needs to be done in manner that responds to the learning abilities of each firefighter individually and collectively, so that all are able to succeed. Also important is the need to acknowledge when the firefighter(s) has achieved the understanding of the learning objectives.

For the High Impact Instructor it is his or her “Adaptability” which is the hallmark of their success in training. Commitment to everyone’s success to them is not just a goal, but is their creed in their commitment to training and instruction.

Just like the individual firefighter trainee, whose success needs to be acknowledged in order to confirm to him or her that they have achieved and is to be recognized for that accomplishment; so too is that need to acknowledge that High Impact Instructor, who may say, “That is not why I do this, my reward is when others succeed.”

Instructors are human also; they are energized when they know that they are appreciated and their efforts have made an impact. That is why the Wisconsin Society of Emergency Services Instructors annual looks to recognize Instructors who set the standard that all instructors look to achieve in making a difference.

If you know of such an individual, I would ask that you take but a fraction of the time they commit, in making their impact in training, and to submit their name for consideration for the Instructor of the Year. The online form can be found on our Society Website, www.wsesi.org .  It can be completed on screen and submitted back to our Society. The deadline for submissions if January 30, 2017, with the winner being announced at the Society’s Annual conference occurring on February 24-26, 2017.