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WSESI 2018


FEBRUARY 23-24-25

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The Wisconsin Society of Fire Service Instructors (WSFSI) was formed in 1962 to serve the needs of fire instructors in our State. Newly renamed Wisconsin Society of Emergency Services Instructors (WSESI),
the Society assists local instructors through the exchange of ideas, dissemination of information, and the presentation of seminars and conferences. All of this is geared toward helping fire and emergency services instructors in their personal development and assisting them in bringing quality education and programs to their own agencies.

Please tour our site and learn more about how WSESI can serve all of your instructional needs. Your questions and comments are always welcome.

OUR NAME HAS CHANGED -- and is being edited, one webpage at a time. Thanks for your patience!

W S E S I   NEWS BRIEFS – December 29, 2017

Registrations NEEDED for NFA Courses: Class rosters must be 50% full 40 days out in order to lock in delivery! 
DO NOT DELAY -- register for these courses NOW to be held at 
See our Conference webpage for all details.

ADDITIONAL NFA OFFERINGS -- See our Events page for particulars on additional National Fire Academy deliveries in 2018.

WSESI 2018 MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL NOTICES have been sent out via e-mail -- please update and return your info, even if your dues are current. If you did not receive a notice, please call or email so we can get you squared away. Thanks!

2017 INSTRUCTOR OF THE YEAR – Nominations will be continue to be accepted for this honor through January 22, 2018. See webpage for further details.

We wish all of you a safe, happy and healthy New Year! 

Having trouble downloading documents? Call 920-235-5494 to request a paper copy of any Society forms or documents, or email your request to [email protected] .

NEXT BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING: Tuesday, January 23, 2018 – 10:00 AM – Chippewa Valley Technical College, Eau Claire. Contact your Board members  with any agenda items.


“Everyone Shake!”

By Kevin Gerarden

I’ll bet you’ve been there: a room or apparatus bay full of new students – all of them practicing for what may be their first encounter with SCBA. And since the inclusion of the integrated PASS device, chances are that chaos threatens!... unless…

You get everyone’s attention – preferably before practice begins – and issue a serious piece of advice: “From now on, if any PASS goes to pre-alarm, everyone shake and reset! Doesn’t matter who – doesn’t matter when – anyone chirps, EVERYONE shakes! Say it with me…!”

If your students comply with your request, it should mean that, following that next pre-alarm chirp, you and they should be able to enjoy 30 seconds, give or take, of relative peace (barring the student or two that didn’t heed your instructions) – and here’s where you and all of us as instructors need to be on our best game.

Back in the mid-eighties, Author Milo O. Frank recognized in his book, “How to Get Your Point Across in Thirty Seconds or Less,” that the pace of contemporary life and work has sped up dramatically. Coupled with that is the ever-shrinking attention span of young adults and learners in general. The term “teachable moment” is quickly compressing to literally that – a moment in which to get your best word in edgewise.

This year’s Annual Conference will feature a roundtable workshop, “Practical Training That Works,” in which I am hopeful we will be able to share ways in which our “teachable moments” can be maximized. We’ll see you “movers and shakers” in Eau Claire!


Kevin G.

*A Note From My B.U.D. (Big Ugly Desk) threatens to be a quarterly feature for the newsletter of the Wisconsin Society of Emergency Services Instructors. All opinions expressed are those of the author, who would be grateful for any feedback and discussion.


Class photos from the 2017 NFA Weekend can be viewed in our Photo Gallery!