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The Wisconsin Society of Fire Service Instructors (WSFSI) was formed in 1962 to serve the needs of fire instructors in our State. Now renamed Wisconsin Society of Emergency Services Instructors (WSESI),
the Society assists local instructors through the exchange of ideas, dissemination of information, and the presentation of seminars and conferences. All of this is geared toward helping fire and emergency services instructors in their personal development and assisting them in bringing quality education and programs to their own agencies.

Please tour our site and learn more about how WSESI can serve all of your instructional needs. Your questions and comments are always welcome.

W S E S I  NEWS BRIEFS – May 28, 2020
PUBLICATION NOTE -- You may notice that, beginning last month and at least for the time being, The DISPATCHER is being delivered via email to our members as well as to the subscribers of the other organizations represented in the publication. To prevent confusing the two, you will recognize our email news by its direct format courtesy of MailChimp; the news from The Dispatcher is formatted as a PDF attachment. If there are any problems that arise regarding your reception of either version of our news, please do not hesitate to call or email.


CALL FOR PRESENTATIONS – About June 1, our Call for Presentations will open for the 2021 Annual Instructors Conference. The 2021 Inquiry Form on our Conference webpage will be converted to our proposal form. Please share this Call with all the colleagues in the fire / emergency services you know who may be interested in becoming one of our 2021 Conference presenters! See article below -- and contact Training & Programs Chair Dave Yakowenko with your input.
COVID-19 and FIRE SERVICE EVENTS – As pandemic precautions continue simultaneously with resumption of many commercial activities, WSESI is monitoring events and programs of Wisconsin’s Fire / Emergency Services organizations throughout the coming months... Currently, we have been informed that the following Youth Fire Academies / Camps have been cancelled for this year: 

University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh: Basic and Advanced
Fox Valley Technical College Middle School Fire Camp
Girl Scouts Camp Hero in Madison

Also (based on current info), the following events remain on the schedule:
SWNIFRA Janesville Fire Conference – Aug. 6-8
PFFWCF Summer Camp for Burn-Injured Youth – Aug. 9-15
WSFM Final Alarm Ceremony & Procession – Sept. 26
Wisconsin NFA Weekend – Oct. 9-11

Please be encouraged to advise us of any of your agency’s / organization’s plans for events in the coming months, or any changes you’ve become aware of. Thanks!
A WORD ABOUT OUR BOOK SALES – Recently, a few of our members have inquired about a textbook questionnaire circulated by John D. Preuer & Associates on behalf of the Wisconsin State Fire Chiefs Association. Our Society is aware of their partnership, which has been ongoing for several years. Without comment on their efforts, those of WSESI remain the same: to support and assist instructors, which includes using our book sales as our primary fundraising method to support our programs and activities. We continue our pledge to quick, responsive service to our customers, at reasonable cost. Call or email us with any questions you may have: kgerarden@wsesi.org
WORD HAS BEEN RECEIVED from our members of the passing of Donald Truebenbach, longtime member of the Waubeka Fire Department and supporter of Society activities. Our heartfelt condolences to his family and his (& our) fire service colleagues.
ONE WEEKEND LEFT -- The Fox Valley Regional Fire Department Hiring Process will close at midnight on May 31, 2020. Find it at: www.fvtc.edu/cpat
OR – visit the WSESI Events page: www.wsesi.org/events
WISCONSIN FIRE EMS LEGISLATIVE LEADERSHIP COALITION (WFELLC) has been on hiatus since Stay-at-Home measures have affected the legislative activities in the state, among other considerations. Watch our News for updates on resumption of Coalition efforts.
            Any member wishing to become active in our advocacy of public policy issues should contact President Jim Austad, or WFELLC delegates Jim Flanagan or Kevin Gerarden.
2020 MEMBERSHIP: RENEW-O-METER… As of press time, the following have been received:
134 Paid active members
48 New and returning members (including complimentary)
35 Members of 7 Partner Agencies
7 Life members
3 Members pending payment
50 -- ????
FINAL DUES notices have been sent (by postcard) in early May. If you got such a postcard, it meant at that time that we are waiting for your dues. If you didn’t get a postcard, but neither have your membership card, it could mean you are a lapsed member. Please call or email if you are unsure of your renewal status. Don’t delay – Renew TODAY!  


Having trouble downloading documents? Call 920-235-5494 to request a paper copy of any Society forms or documents, or email your request to kgerarden@wsesi.org .


NEXT BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING:  Tuesday, July 21, 2020 – Appleton, WI (unless otherwise announced).

Contact your Board members  with any agenda items.

Two WSESI committees will have a pair of pivotal tasks facing them in the next few months – first, the selection and development of the program for our 2021 Annual Instructors Conference, followed by the selection of a suitable location for the 2022 and 2023 Annual Conferences.
In June, the Call for Presentations process will supply the Training & Programs Committee with potential presenters and their proposals for presentation content. The committee will be particularly interested in presentations that relate to our Conference’s emphasis on instructor development.
The Conference Site Committee will be tasked with solicitation of possible locations to hold the 2022 Annual Conference, considering factors such as facility availability and capacity, meal and lodging accommodations, travel time/distance, associated costs, and other variables. The optimal outcome is to make the selection in time to announce it at the 2021 Conference.
Both committees work together on these tasks, and will welcome input and assistance from our members, particularly any of those who have indicated an interest in them on the annual Member Renewal form. Contact Dave Yakowenko –  dyakowenko@wsesi.org – to help on Training & Programs, and Red Van Ert – gvanert@wsesi.org – for Conference Site.